Commit 15-30 minutes a day and you'll be doing your own content marketing successfully in no time... well, in 100 days.


It’s not a social media lesson. Of course, social media is involved but this is about creating and promoting content, not being social.


This what-to-do handbook was written with beginners in mind but, if you are a small business owner doing your own online marketing, you'll benefit.


  • Develop a routine

  • Generate ideas

  • Identify and learn needed skills

  • Get motivated - when you start to feel the impact of your efforts

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"I grabbed it and I am using it and loving it. You know when you get one of those things and feel guilty because you get a ton of value? That's this - a ton of value that helps me stay focused."  - Debbie Adams, PeopleCan Training

This resource is no longer available for free. Look for a brand new ebook and accompanying workbook coming in February 2017.